Direct Impact

We SCALE companies the SILICON VALLEY startup way

Direct Impact was founded late 2016. By early 2019 our team has grown to 15+. And we are expecting it won't take us long to reach 20.

We help reach the goals of people and companies using our experience from the likes of: Coolblue,, Amazon, Walmart, DutchBasecamp, 500 startups and Media Markt. Furthermore, we are here to inspire people and companies in Europe with our 5-year's plus spent as startup founders in Silicon Valley.

What we do best: growth hacking, international expansion, building agile teams, and launching digital environments.


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What happens in Sillicon Valley should not stay in Sillicon Valley

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Vincent van de Poll
Direct Impact

Join us

Yes you can!

Social Advertising Specialist
Growth Hacking
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
Growth Hacker
Growth Hacking
  • Utrecht, Netherlands

Our clients

Grow fast

We work with European startups, scale-ups and larger enterprises. 

Together with our clients, we grow by building, improving and innovating - personally and professionally.

Our criteria? 

Our clients are eager to change quickly and learn fast. 

That is... Besides being heaps of fun to work with :-)

Our team

Constructive Rebel Squad

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Damy Pieterse
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1537248583
Vincent van de Poll
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Maarten Midden
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1537248735
Jeroen Bruijnje
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1537248616
Jeffrey Hamelink
Thumb avatar 1537248674
Colin Lansbergen
CRO Specialist
Thumb avatar 1537248647
Jolijn de Vet
Product Owner
Thumb avatar 1537248813
Roderick de Leeuw
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1543583182
Nick Wilderink
CRO Specialist
Thumb avatar 1537248839
Tristan van der Hoeven
Talent & Growth
Thumb avatar 1537248916
Arne Verschoor
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1537248866
Rick Speets
Chief Content
Thumb avatar 1537248890
Tom Meulders
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1551363122
Jorrit Velzeboer
Growth Hacker
Thumb avatar 1552291752
Priscilla Tjon
Growth Hacker

Where we at?

Car: Vitens / Yacht / Randstad building next to A2 Highway (Free parking) | Train: Leidsche Rijn Station (5 min walk)

Head office

Reactorweg 47, 3542 AD Utrecht, The Netherlands