Business Analyst

Job description

We are looking for a Business Analyst to join our Impact Squad and help our clients get data driven

What others think you do 

Spend all day looking at impossible excel sheets

What you actually do & how you get it done 

As our Business Analyst you will make sure Direct Impact and our clients make data driven decisions.   

That means: 

  • You almost always help kick-off a new project to create the right datasets as starting point
  • Are responsible for analyzing customer data and turning them into actionable insights
  • You will scan and audit existing customer datasets and identify necessary improvements
  • You will work with everyone in the team to support their assumptions with data
  • You will create strategy and tactics based on your insights
  • You know your way around in Power BI, Supermetrics, Google Analytics and Mixpanel
  • You relentlessly build, measure and learn: rapid experimentation is the key to results
  • You continuously stay up to date with new developments and in touch with relevant people
  • You share your insights, learnings and results
  • You are the only one allowed to use Microsoft Excel within our company :)

What your LinkedIn profile would read 

Talk data to me

What other people notice about you 


  • Are there for your team and our customers
  • Move fast - you’re bold and open
  • Lead by example, not by acting like a manager
  • Work together - it just works better
  • Show your style, lots of energy and a positive mindset
  • Value quality over quantity
  • Invest in people and 'pay it forward'

An average working day might look like this 

09:00 Coffee

09:01 Check customer dashboards to see if there are any data outliers

09:15 Coffee

09:16 Add new features to existing Direct Impact and client dashboards

10:00 Together with our Growth Hackers setup some new Leap of Faith Assumptions and experiments

11:30 Create new customer segments for a marketing automation client

12:00 Lunch and laughter

13:00 New client, shitty database. Crack brain on how to improve this dataset to create some value

15:00 Create a nifty Powerpoint presentation for a customer demo to present the latest results

16:00 Play some arcade games

16:15 Play around with some new Supermetrics connections and features to improve our own dash

17:00 Time to call it a day!

The dream team 

At Direct Impact, we all love working on projects together with the very best in marketing automation, analytics & metrics, conversion optimization, growth hacking and lean startup methodology.

You will be part of multiple client facing teams consisting of expert growth hackers, digital designers, online marketers and copywriters.

Just a few reasons you want this job…. BAD!

  • Cash moneyz!

  • Direct Impact offers you a great place to experiment and learn

  • You will work closely together with ex-Coolblue guru's and a silicon valley founder

  • A super direct and driven team

  • A minimum of 25 vacation days. And we're happy to discuss more if needed

  • The possibility to work from home or one of our clients' offices

  • Room for new initiatives and ideas

  • A job that will never feel like a job


We are looking for: 

  • At least 1-2 years of experience as data analyst

  • Someone who loves working with data

  • Someone who adores analyzing data

  • You don't leave home without data

  • Your brain all day long: data, data, data, data, data, data, data, DATA!

  • You to develop your talent by continuously learning and experimenting

  • You to unleash your passion and drive while always taking full ownership for everything you do

  • That you have excellent language skills in both Dutch and English

  • You understand how to inspiring our clients to start working data driven

  • That you can stay firm on content without jeopardizing professional relations

  • That you are able to see the big picture but also have eye for details

Interested, any questions or just want to have coffee? Please get in touch with  

Jeffrey Hamelink:, +31 6 573 461 87.

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